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Monday, December 13, 2010

Looking good, feeling better, one bite at a time

joshika kapoor


Looking good, feeling better, one bite at a time
Thirty-year-old Radha has spent most of her adult life trying to do what thousands of women push to the backburner. Live a healthier life. It is ironic that despite being custodians of family well being, women’s own health needs fall quite low on the list of priorities. For many women, the path to good health is not an easy one, with plenty of roadblocks along the way. Procrastination, family obligations, work demands, and lack of time and energy are only a few culprits that can hamper the best of health resolutions.

Here are some easy ways to eat your way to good looks.
When women resolve to lose weight, they usually become very stringent all at once. Instead of deprivation, practice moderation. Pick a day in the week to indulge ONE of your guilty pleasures, whether it’s junk food or desserts or wine.
Get adequate servings of whole grains, calcium and fiber. This can be as easy as having muesli, which contains dried fruit, nuts, oats and cornflakes, with milk and a banana.
With skin, whatever goes on in the inside shows up on the outside. For young, glowing skin and shiny hair that doesn’t fall, incorporate olive oil, aloe vera, green tea and nuts or flax seeds in your daily diet.
In fact, green tea has multiple benefits for your vanity. It increases metabolism naturally. It can help you burn up to 70 calories in just one day. That translates to up to 7 pounds in one year. The antioxidants in green tea protects the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals which cause wrinkling and skin aging.
Another kitchen miracle, amla helps prevent dandruff and promotes hair growth giving you a lustrous mane. And if you grew up chewing neem leaves to banish the evils of acne, rest assured the same benefits are now available in a much more palatable form.
Regardless of age, women have just cause to be concerned about osteoporosis. Take calcium and glucosamine supplements to prevent the erosion of cartilage and make your bones stronger. This makes you less susceptible to fractures as you age and reduces skeletal shrinkage.
No matter how balanced your diet is, some minerals are always lacking. Superfood spirulina contains exceptionally high levels of phytonutrients that protect your body from diseases while naturally increasing your energy levels and stabilizing your mood swings.
There are a slew of products available in the market under brands like GAIA etc. that offer the right mix of products and benefits to cater to the needs of one and many.
With all these ingredients easily available in your nearest supermarket, the question is, what’s on your plate today?

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