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Thursday, March 3, 2011

एक ज़िंदगी का बचा सकते हैं आप

Dear Friends,
The below 4yrs baby name POOJA was kidnapped by a person at some place and now she is under Kerala Police custody. Since the baby could not communicate her identification clearly, Police is struggling to find her parents. The flg information was given by the baby which may or may not be correct also. Requesting all to forward her photograph to the maximum people in India to identify her parents / relatives.

Hope this will cost only your time and will help one life.

Information given by the baby :



Father's Name : Mr. Rajkiran
Mother's Name : Mrs. Munny Devi
Language : HINDI
Place : Nagaluppi (this was pronounced by the baby which Police could not find such a place. The place must be related to the mentioned name). She is having one younger Brother & Elder Sister.
Pls do not ignore this mail.
Kindly forward.
It will cost you nothing more than few minutes......
A life is at stake

ओमप्रकाश चांडाल

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