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Friday, April 8, 2011

Bhagat Singh in his last Days

Bhagat Singh in his last Days

Prince of Martyr is always remembered as a revolutionary patriot. But he was not only
revolutionary patriot but also a studious thought provoker, philosopher, writer, journalist,
visionary and great human being. In his just 23 years of life he studied the revolution
of France, Ireland and Russia. From national college to the dark rooms of gallow he
continuously studied and with his deep study he became serious thought provoker and
revolutionary philosopher.

The great laureate of Urdu, hindi, Punjabi, Sanskrit and Irish , Bhagat Singh had edited
Akali and Kirtiand later on he worked as a correspondent with Arjun of late Indra
Vidhyavachpati and Pratap of Ganesh Shankar Vidharthi.

Phashi issue of Monthly Chand is a exemplary example of Bhagt Singh’s editing ability.
Bhagat use to create all the pamphlets posters and literature of his party.

Irony is that the thought provoking ideas of a great ideologue never reached to those
people for whom he had sacrificed his life due to the conspiracy of the so called nation

Bhagat Singh was neither fascist, terrorist nor dacoit as termed by his so called
informers.. He lovingly kissed the gallows for his ideals, principles and thoughts.
The same Bhagt Singh later on became the heart throb of youth of the country.. His
thought provoking statements in the court during Lahore conspiracy case had been been
allowed to come to general public at that time and even now.
Bhagat Singh is not taught in text book. There is no place for him in Indian history.
Expectation from Doordarshan and Akashvani is worthless as they are busy in euolising
men in power and consider it as a property of a one family.

There was an important sentence in a pamplet while throwing a bomb in an assembly—
We are taking this step on behalf of our country men .

Beleiver of the philosophy that Bomb explosion is essential to force the deaf years to
listen, Bahagt Singh considers thread of hang as a stage for propagate the ideas.

Dedicated to the ideals and thoughts Bhagat Singh was against the blood sheding of
humans by humans.

Many letters and valuable documents written by nim which is in reality a great treasure
of the nation and a guide for the coming generation nmver came in front of the people
in true sense. Two examples are enough to suffice that how much Bhagat Singh was
composed cool disciplined and balanced in his last days.Just a day before his death on

22nd March 1931 ,few prioned revolutionaries of 14 number ward of Central Jail sent a
leaflet to Bahagt Singh
‘Sardar if you want to save yourself from the hanging then tell us . It may be possible that
we would do something.
The answer of Bhagat Singh is a rare documenet in the history of world letter-
literature.Such heart touching, clear and explicit thought that too infront of the death!


‘Naturally I should have a wish to live . I do not want to hide it, but I can live on one
condition . I do not want to live in prison or under slavery. My name is a symbol of
Hindustan Inquilab Party’ and the ideals and sacrifice of Inquilab Pasand party have
raised me to the status of icon. My name has reached to such a height that if I will live
it will not further raise my name.
Today people are not aware of my weaknesses. If I would save my self from the
hanging thread it will come infront of the public and became well known.. The glow
of the Inquilab will not radiate or may it will finish.But if I will die laughingly , then
in the case of my death Indian mothers would wish to model their kids as a Bhagat
Singh. This way the number of martyrs will increase to that level that it would be
very difficult for evil imperialistic powers to ignore it.

Yes , one idea always disturbs my heart.Whatever wishes I have for the country and
humanity I was not able to fulfill the thousands part of it.If I would have lived then I
would have got the chance to fulfill it . Apart from this I did not have any desire aor
lust to save myself from the hanging thread.

Who will be more fortunate than me? Today I am very proud of myself. Now I am
desperately waiting for that moment.

Raj Shekhar Vyas
Sr. Director
DG: Doordarshan
Doordarshan Bhawan
Copernicus Marg, New Delhi-1
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